Climbing since 2000, I’ve been travelling around the world looking for new adventures and mountains, my passion has helped me to visit places like Manaslu in Nepal, The Chugach Range in Alaska, Waddington Range in BC Canada and my love Patagonia, where I had the Chance to accomplish a few first ascents in remote areas. I have been using Intuition liners since 2009 and they changed my life. Great performance for all conditions, they work really well in cold conditions, but also they will dry quick in wet environments like Patagonia. I have used my Intuitions in many places like the Himalayas, Alaska, Waddington Range and Patagonia and I love them.

-Pedro Binfa

Mountaineering Instructor | @pedrobinfa

“My feet get cold easily and Intuitions are a godsend on bitterly cold days.”

“I ski 225 days per year on average. I ski 9-months per year. If my boots hurt, it’s physical and psychological torture. I think we’ve all struggled with stock ski boot liners in our time. Pain, discomfort, then chronic pain and chronic discomfort, then foot deformities, then the question: ‘do I even want to ski anymore if my feet hurt this much?’ I was going through this scenario when a friend and boot fitter in Tahoe City, CA swore by Inutiion Liners. I went for the Intuitions and voila, problem solved. Higher comfort, higher performance, lower weight, and warmer. My feet get cold easily and Intuitions are a godsend on bitterly cold days. I use the Power Wrap and love it. I’ve skied Intuition Liners in Alaska, Antarctica, Svalbard (Norway), Japan, Argentina, Chile, British Columbia, Lower 48, France, Italy, and Switzerland and they’ve never let me down once.”

-Miles Clark

Professional Athlete | @miles_clark @snowbrains


After spending hours at the boot fitter trying to grind, punch and cut pieces out of my boots to make them fit every season I finally decided it was time to try some custom liners. I put my first pair of Intuitions into my new boots and they felt amazing on the first day! After the initial pack out my feet no longer hurt at the end of the day, the Intuition liners were life savers for me. I ski with both the Powerwrap and the Pro Tour. My downhill boots have the Powerwrap, they are nice and stiff and don’t have the tongue of traditional liners to get in the way. When I first got my touring boots I could barely ski in them, my feet hurt so much I wanted to throw them away. I put a Pro Tour liner in them and the first tour felt amazing and kept my feet warmer than the stock liners. Intuition liners saves me days of misery going back and forth to the boot fitter every time I get new boots, they mold to your feet perfectly in the shop and you’re good to go out and enjoy the day. I ski 130+ days year round and the comfort and fit of my Intuition Liners make that possible!

-Owen Leeper

Professional Athlete | @o_leeps

“…Intuition has changed the game for me.”

It’s important when considering what type of footwear to ski in that you break your boots down into components. I would never ski without a proper fitting shell, orthotics, and custom mouldable liners. My brand of choice for liners has always been Intuition. Where stock liners fail to provide the warmth, performance, and comfort I require to live in my ski boots year-round, Intuition has changed the game for me. I ride the Pro Wrap and the Dream Liners. I rock the Pro Wrap in my 3-piece touring shells to increase stiffness in my shells, prevent shin bang, and stay warm on long traverses. I ride the Dream liners in my low volume Alpine boots which keeps me warm and helps me to drive my ski better than a stock liner due to the custom mouldable fit.

-Chelsea Sullivan

Pro Skier | ACMG Guide  | @chelseahsullivan


Intuition Powerwrap is the only way to go. I’ve crammed my foot into a race fit for the last 15 years. After the first few weeks of skiing in new boots the stock liner always packs out leaving my foot rubbing on plastic. Ouch! As long as I can remember I’ve been uncomfortable in my boots dealing with bone spurs, foot cramping and other issues. The Intuition Powerwrap is a total game changer, it’s provided me the most responsive and comfortable fit I have ever had.

-Josh Daiek

Pro Skier | @joshdaiek

“These liners change everything…”

My new boots are actually comfortable and warm after a single visit to the boot fitters to mold my liners. I can’t believe it! I used to spend an entire year getting them right (and they were still never right!). These liners change everything…

-Kristen Ulmer

Pro Skier