The thinnest liner in our collection.



TOUR MOD liners perform best in low volume touring and tele shells. A thin, high-density Moccasin tongue style liner featuring optional Velcro tab lace loops to help prevent shifting while touring, and a 4mm extension to the toe box that accommodates wider forefeet. Includes additional modular foam reinforcements to place onto the outer Velcro compatible fabric for further customization, dialing in cuff, tongue and heel hold.

The Tour Mod is a low volume liner and works best with a shell fit* of 1 finger (1/2”) or less.

Size down on the half size (ex.: 27.5 = 27)

This model can be worn ‘out of the box’, heat molded with the home fit kit or fit by a professional boot fitter.


4mm Sole, Anti-Microbial Lining Treatment, Low Volume, Modular Foam Parts Included, Tongue style liner

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Mondo 22 / Men's US 4 (Pair), Mondo 23 / Men's US 5 (Pair), Mondo 24 / Men's US 6 (Pair), Mondo 25 / Men's US 7 (Pair), Mondo 26 / Men's US 8 (Pair), Mondo 27 / Men's US 9 (Pair), Mondo 28 / Men's US 10 (Pair), Mondo 29 / Men's US 11 (Pair), Mondo 30 / Men's US 12 (Pair), Mondo 31 / Men's US 13 (Pair), Mondo 32 / Men's US 14 (Pair), Mondo 33 / Men's US 15 (Pair)

Include Fit Kit

No Thanks!, Yes! – Large Toe Cap (Liner size 28-33), Yes! – Small Toe Cap (Liner size 22 -27.5)


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