The perfect solution for cold feet in your winter boots or mukluks!

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CLASSIC FX liners are an excellent upgrade solution to cold feet in winter boots and Mukluks. Not intended to be a high performance liner, these super soft, low-density, medium thickness wrap style liners will provide maximum warmth and comfort every day.

The Classic FX is a medium volume liner and works best with a shell fit* of 1.5-2 fingers (1/2″-1¼”)

This model can be worn ‘out of the box’ or molded with the home fit kit if further customization is desired.


12mm Sole, Anti-Microbial Lining Treatment, Wrap style liner

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Mondo 22 / Men's US 4 (Pair), Mondo 23 / Men's US 5 (Pair), Mondo 24 / Men's US 6 (Pair), Mondo 25 / Men's US 7 (Pair), Mondo 26 / Men's US 8 (Pair), Mondo 27 / Men's US 9 (Pair), Mondo 28 / Men's US 10 (Pair)

Include Fit Kit

No Thanks!, Yes! – Large Toe Cap (Liner size 28-33), Yes! – Small Toe Cap (Liner size 22 -27.5)


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