All Intuition Liners CAN be used with footbeds, provided there is sufficient room without crowding the foot. Some models are more foot-bed friendly than others, so if you have a thick footbed or orthotic choose a model with a thin sole like the Dreamliner, Pro Tongue or Pro Wrap.

After the liners are heated, before inserting your foot into liner/shell. Easiest to take the warm liner out of the shell, insert footbed, re-insert liner with footbed into shell.

Totally personal preference. Wraps have a slightly stiffer, more progressive flex and are a better option for a large calf. Tongues have a bit more tour-ability and softer flex.

Yes Most of our liner models can be custom molded at home with the home fit kit. Some of the stiffer models can be more challenging to fit at home so we recommend taking them to a shop or professional bootfiter.

If you are having trouble deciding between two models, keep in mind that in most cases the initial shipping cost is the same for two pairs as it is for one pair. So, you can always order two models to compare, and then return the one you don’t want. Shipping cost for return is the customer’s responsibility, but it may be worth the peace of mind if you’re struggling with a decision.

You can use anti-bacterial soap and water and swish it around in the liners, rinse with cold water and leave out to air dry.

After they are completely dry, you can use an athletic foot powder to help prevent odor.

The volume refers to the overall thickness of the liners. Low being the thinnest, high being the thickest.

When you put the liners into the shells are there any large wrinkle/buckles in the heel or forefoot?

If so, the liners may be too large for the shell.

If they will go into the shell, and there is only a small wrinkle that goes away when you try them on before molding, then it shouldn’t be an issue, and molding will help to compress the volume in the cuff, just make sure to lace tight.

The laces are included for your convenience and preference and are completely optional.

Not recommended as the liners are heat sensitive and could cause damage to the foam gradually over time.

Air dry, taking them out of the boots will help to dry them faster.


Yes – as long as you don’t overcook the liners (too hot/too long) they can take numerous new memories. Best not to keep re-heating unless necessary, like new shells or footbeds.

Very carefully with a heat gun (recommended to do at a shop), or try making a smaller rice bag and putting it on the specific area you wish to adjust.

Yes – if you can get close to the first notch, you should be able to mold on 2nd or 3rd notch to compress the foam making it easier to buckle after molding.